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They See Me Rollin

Oct 31, 2017

They See Me Rollin' Presents: Spooky Tales to Chill the Bone! In this adventure, Michael M. Rader takes over as Dungeon Master while reprising his role as Garbager in this terrifying adventure on a haunted ride in Landy World. 

During the horror, Coen gets needlessly destructive, Jelly learns every rose has a thorn,...

Oct 22, 2017

The Nightbirds find themselves in a world between worlds with old friends Jack, Dave, and Smith. They finally learn the truth of their mission and what they have to do to go back home. Along the way, Jelly's faith is challenged, Coen makes his move, and Skumk learns to fly.

Oct 9, 2017

The Nightbirds face their least fearsome foe, yet. After an anticlimactic battle, they go off on a chase and end up in royally hot water. But we guarantee you'll cheer as Skumk wake boards, you'll be shocked when Jelly's full name is revealed, and you'll cry when Coen meets an old friend.

Oct 1, 2017

Welcome to Labyrinth! In this bonus episode of They See Me Rollin', Square Roots co-host Matthew Van Zandt guides series regulars, Hayden Gibson and Ivan Clark as well as friends Colin Turner and We'll Get It Right Next Year's Ryan Lynch through an ever-changing Labyrinth city.

Explore the labyrinth with Maize the Corn...